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    Юные надежды

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    XII International Chess Tournament

    «World’s Youth Stars»

    12 - 24.05.2014

    14120828 Bortnyk, Olexandr IM UKR 2495 2481 2635 1996
    4102665 Zenzera, Alexey IM RUS 2442 2383 2357 1997
    4194985 Paravyan, David IM RUS 2421 2313 2430 1998
    13303635 Harutyunian, Tigran K. IM ARM 2428 1997
    14116367 Vorontsov, Pavlo FM UKR 2413 2259 2165 1998
    24131423 Yuffa, Daniil IM RUS 2399 2487 2401 1997
    13703706 Akhmetov, Ayan KAZ 2390 2397 2311 1997
    24133795 Sarana, Alexey RUS 2372 2409 2319 2000
    24176729 Golubov, Saveliy RUS 2344 2360 2456 2000
    24175439 Esipenko, Andrey FM RUS 2316 2325 2151 2002
    13306553 Martirosyan, Haik M. FM ARM 2287 2089 2168 2000
    13404938 Gadimbayli, Abdulla FM AZE 2113 2094 2007 2002

    The "World's Youth Stars" chess tournament is devoted to the memory of Vanya Somov (20 February 1990-31 July 2002). He could have rightfully been a participant of this representative competition. But Vanya's star burned brightly and faded away having no time to shine in the sky if chess.

    Though young, he was a rightful member of the team of the World champion 1999 Alexander Khalifman at the World Championship in Las Vegas, at the biggest International tournament in Linares (2000) at the math play with the leading young grandmaster of the world P. Leko in Budapest (2000).

    In his chess biography he took part in such bright events as the Youth Championship of Russia (Sochi-2002), World Junior Championship (Spain-2000), International chess tournaments in Helsinki, Dortmund, Maintz, Sankt-Ingbert. He played for his school, town and Leningrad Region at the All-Russia's competitions, twice he became the winner of chess tasks and etudes in the Academy of Chess Art in St. Petersburg.

    Vanya was surprisingly talented and kindhearted boy with a big sole and a special sunny smile.

    Gennady Nesis

    To the Memory of Vanya Somov

    My idol - hermit from Montreau
    Invented difficult a problem,
    His bishop's still
    And knight's not moving
    And queen is ready to withdraw.

    My Vanya's gone so far away:
    We could have found the right solution
    By moving chess men with illusion
    While drinking milk:

    And waiting for his sleep to come
    And pattering the poet's verses
    He could have read some sonnets slowly
    An envoy, angel or my chum.

    This world has changed.
    My Prince has gone
    And pizza's found on the table
    And melodies unplayed by him:

    Gennady Nesis